DPW Investments LLC SCAM!!!!!!!!!

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So this past year my spouse and I moved into one of their homes they were renting in Calera O.K.Early in the year we paid our depoist and pet depoist.

We paid for 2 dogs and they said because we had a cat we did not have to pay an intial fee. They worked with us very well and were very nice....There was some things wrong with the house for example cuss words craved into some cabinets and a huge hole in one of the closes that led to the other room's closet. They said that they would get it fixed for us. As we contiuned to live here needless to say they never fixed anything.

We had bugs and they would blame it on us and would refuse to do anything about it. Then our toliet would not work and we would call them and they would either not return our phone calls or they would take 2 weeks to come snake out the pipes. They happened about 4 times while living there for 6 months and we would have to spend that time with out a way to use the bathroom or shower because it would be backed up into the bathtub. (this was not due to us, it was an old house).

They advertise a weather basement but it is filled with water. Also there was a terriable storm and a tree fell in the backyard and it was back there for 2 months and still was there when we moved out. We gave them a month noticed they would be moving out of state due to my spouse's employment. They were understanding at first but they wanted more money from us as time went on.

We allowed them to show the house and I cleaned the entire house when we moved out. It was spotless. When we moved out they told us because we worked with them and cleaned the whole house they would send us our depoist. Needless to say 5 months later they never sent it.

Then when I mailed them asking for the depoist they sent me a letter in response that they had to replace the carpet due to dog hair, they had to fill in 2 holes in the backyard. They tried to say they didn't know we had a cat when they have seen her and we spoke to this about her. They also trying to say they had to hire people to clean the whole house..ect....and apparently this all cost over 1000.

They did not bother to send proof of these charges but now they are trying to get extra money from us.DO NOT MOVE HERE THEY WILL KEEP YOUR DEPOIST NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY, AND IF ANYTHING IS WRONG WITH THE HOUSE THEY WILL NOT FIX IT

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I rented a house from this company and they were great landlords, the house was in good shape when we moved in and the only problem we had was our a/c quit in 105 degree heat.The repair guy was there in two hours and it was fixed the same day.

They thanked me for keeping the lawn mowed and the house clean. Although the rent was more expensive than some .... It was very clean and nice and everything worked. They let me have a dog with an extra deposit which was promptly returned two weeks after I moved out.

I think this complainer was one of those trashy people you hear about who isn't telling the whole story.

I have friends who rented from this company for five years and they love them.I wouldn't put much stock in what this person has to say.


The grammar alone is enough for any reader to understand the caliber of person filing the complaint.No deposit was paid for a cat & no mention of a cat was EVER made!

The house was filthy. She repeatedly flushed feminine hygiene products & swifter pads causing the sewer back-up issues. He would let the grass get 30 inches high & she complains about a tree limb? We loaned him a lawn mower which he left out in the rain & then blew the motor up.

The storm cellar is padlocked shut because it is old & leaks ... told them we did NOT want it opened under any circumstances prior to leasing to them. They stayed 6 1/2 months of a 1 year lease. She wouldn't let me show the house & they stayed two weeks past their 30-day notice date & we let them pay 1/2 month.


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